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MFS | Preventive Maintenance Program

Preserve the Integrity of Your Equipment!

Are you practicing preventive maintenance or have a maintenance plan in place? When you stay on top of upkeep, you avoid costly emergency repairs and equipment failures-all of which can eat into your hard-earned budget. If you are relying solely on reactive maintenance, then your company might waste thousands of dollars every year, all due to lack of a consistent Preventive Maintenance plan.

Conveyor systems typically operate continuously over long periods. This highlights its vital role in the production process, where reliability is of key importance. A proactive maintenance strategy, such as MFS' Preventive Maintenance Program , is a natural fit with the way conveyors work. By implementing scheduled inspections and servicing, the fundamental issues with conveyors can usually be a simpler fix, if not avoided.

All varieties of conveyor systems are critical to the operations of major industries. They need an attention to maintain the upkeep of these machines. Investing in a proactive maintenance strategy goes a long way in addressing the most troublesome issues with conveyors. MFS' Preventive Maintenance Program will decrease operational downtime, extended the life of your equipment.

Material Flow Systems knows that by investing time and resources to perform maintenance tasks, it can prevent catastrophic failures. In the long run, this translates to defending a loss for the company.

As with any mechanical system, both useful life and reliable performance depend upon proper care and maintenance. MFS has developed a program to support your maintenance staff and keep your garment handling and monorail equipment performing at its absolute best on a long-term basis.

Material Flow Systems offers a wide variety of regular maintenance services and support tailored to best fit your needs


Services Provided

  • Schedule and perform regular inspections of equipment
  • Conduct regular cleaning of equipment
  • Lubricate and adjust moving parts to reduce wear-and-tear and extend useful life
  • Adjust controls for optimal performance
  • Repair and replace any defective equipment parts

Equipment Serviced

  • Garment trolley storage systems (incline/decline boosters, switches, etc.)
  • Manual sorting conveyors
  • Pendant conveyors (steam tunnel and transport)
  • Pin and clip conveyors
  • Monorail sling systems

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