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Pin and Clip Conveyors

Pin & Clip Conveyors | What's Their Function?

In the last decade, pin and clip conveyors have emerged on the forefront of businesses, particularly those that require rapid garment transportation and sorting. We see them at work in facilities where garments are being moved and sorted at high speeds. Pin and clip conveyors are a staple in the GOH industry, as they enhance your entire garment handling through a quickened process that automatically sorts garments on hangers, then transferring them onward down the processing line expeditiously. This is especially true when sorted into specific customer sequences, order priority, and delivery. Some examples may include, but are not limited to: mail order and/or catalog fulfillment operations, a variety of e-commerce operations, and uniform and tuxedo/formal wear rental processing.

Engineering of Pin & Clip Conveyors

Pin and clip conveyors allow for rapid horizontal and vertical garment transportation. The fixed pin conveyors can move densely packed garment lots up to 80 feet/minute with ease and minimal friction across poly-tracks while flexible clip conveyors allow for accumulation and metering into sorting banks and onto gravity or powered accumulation rails. The spacing for the strong steel pins is adjustable.

Brush Conveyors

This Could Be Your Solution

Our Material Flow Systems (MFS) brush conveyors allow for loaded and empty trolley or trolley train transportation. Brushes are easily replaceable, while we minimize the wear and maintenance through a durable chain embedded in a precision guided channel. The low noise emission system is reversible and has a low accumulation of pressure. This is true even on long storage rails. For the gear drive, it guides the roller chains in an aluminum profile. Each trolley gets grabbed by brushes at the trolley-V. We offer different varieties of brushes in which each configuration can we can tailor to suit a variety of conveyance needs to create an ultimate solution for your system.

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