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Garment on Hanger (GOH)

When referring to a GOH system it describes how the garments are moved through the system, Garment on Hanger (GOH). Garments are hung on hangers and moved through your processes in this fashion as opposed to having to unbox or unfold items. A GOH rail system can consist of steel, aluminum or pipe equipment and also a combination thereof. Since many manufacturers ship their product this way our systems are designed to take advantage of this and make it easier for you to receive, work with and store product quickly and efficiently. It will also make your Q.C. easier and reduce manual labor.


Material Flow Systems specializes in Center Supported Systems that take advantage of the GOH method, they are modular systems which can be expanded and modified making them ideal for future changes or growth within your facility. MFS Steel and Aluminum Center Supported Systems are multi-directional and allow for trained trolleys to move more product with relative ease reducing worker injury, while increasing your operating rate and the trolley can be removed at any point in the system.

While different in appearance both steel and aluminum rail share the ability to have manual and automatic switching configurations, and have a multitude of power incline/decline conveyor options to handle multi-story facilities or mezzanine systems. Our CSS can be used in a variety of ways in a number of different industries where a simple manual conveyor trolley system can be used to either streamline production or create type of assembly line production system.

MFS can assist you in designing a Turnkey system that will deliver its potential for you. Call to start your Action Plan today.




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