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Elevated Linen Storage System (ELSS)

Material flow systems now provides a solution for overhead storage of flat goods. We introduce the Elevated Linen Storage System (ELSS) as a solution for clean linen storage for facilities that don’t have an overhead soil system and want the benefit of avoiding cross contamination.

The ELSS is the answer to your congested linen cart traffic. You can have clean flat goods elevated with soiled linen underneath, clearing up bottlenecks created by cart congestion in your shipping and receiving and will provide more efficient processing.

ELSS was created from the need of the customer to have the ability to expand not only their customer capacity but their own storage capacity without having to relocate or expand their facility footprint.

The ELSS will benefit you by:

  1. Freeing up floor space
  2. Dynamic flow to your receiving and out-going.
  3. Eliminates cross contamination from overhead soil storage
  4. Establishes a pathway for expanding your account holdings

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