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Slick Rail Systems

Material Flow Systems' (MFS) slick rail system is one of the most frequently used in the GOH industry. Although common in the industry, here at MFS, we have set ourselves apart by our design solutions. Our designs fully utilize your facility's floor space allowing you to get the most out of your investment. These modular systems are bolt together and easily installed and expanded without welding making them ideal for future expansion or changes within your facility. A multitude of power conveyors allow for easy floor to floor transport and elevation changes.

The T-19S slick rail trolley with its 200 pound capacity offers rugged construction and added durability with a hardened steel pendent and 1-5/16 inch diameter zinc plated steel tube load bar. We manufacture all the components needed for new installations as well as maintenance to your existing system including the standard 36" load bar, although they can he customized to fit your needs. Each trolley contains built-in stops which limit the rotation of the head for easy placement on the rail. A thrust washer assures free swiveling of the head for smooth tracking through bends.

Material Flow Systems provides professional installation and will fully install or modify your existing slick rail system to provide you with a complete turnkey operation. Our knowledgeable staff will meet with you individually to create a plan that best suit you're new or existing facility's needs while helping to maximize your material flow, overall operating rate and ultimately your profit potential. Our trained technicians are dedicated to deliver you with a system on a schedule that fits your needs and is least disruptive to your ongoing business. For more information please call (909) 930-6151.

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