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Center Supported Rail Systems

Material Flow Systems (MFS) produces both aluminum and steel center supported overhead rail systems. The innovative design of our center supported rail systems allows garments to flow multi-directionally instead of mono-directionally like traditional rail systems. In addition, they allow for trolleys to be put on or taken off at any point in the system as well as coupled together creating a train of trolleys allowing an increased operating rate thus maximizing profit potential. These modular systems are a bolt together solution that is easily installed and expanded without welding making them ideal for future expansion or changes within your facility. Compared to slick rail systems, our centered supported rail system is safer and easier to manage.

Our center supported rail systems can be designed using both manual and automatic setting switch configurations. Trolleys of any length can be used due to this unique switching element. A multitude of power conveyors allow for easy floor to floor transport and elevation changes.

Our aluminum rail is created using an engineered beam extrusion design making it not only strong and durable, but rust proof and lightweight. Our steel rail is created in a bridge truss design making it even stronger and more durable. All aluminum rail components are anodized and all steel rail components are powder coated. Our innovative and ergonomic designs allow wider spans in tight spaces and provide a clean, yet high-tech look to any facility.

Our knowledgeable staff will meet with you individually to create a plan that best suits your new or existing facility's needs while helping to maximize your material flow, overall operating rate and ultimately your profit potential. Our trained technicians are dedicated to deliver you with a system on a schedule that fits your needs and is least disruptive to your ongoing business. For more information please call (909) 930-6151.

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